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Our workshop was established by David Barker in 1977 following his apprenticeship under the late Frank Beck with the premier London firm of Wakely and Wheeler in 1966.


Over the years we have been privileged to work on many of the great items of antique silver now in public and private collections around the world. In particular we are delighted to promote recognition of the expertise of the restorer who understands the myriad techniques used over the centuries and is able to harness these skills to recover the form and finish of past masterpieces. The Workshop operates to the old trade maxim of: “What is it? We can do it!” and is particularly proud to offer the services of both traditional hand burnishing and ultra-modern laser cleaning.


The Antique Burnishing Company is dedicated to providing a unique service for connoisseurs of antique plate, fine metalwork and horological specimens. Using traditional techniques and tools we are able to to recreate, restore or radically improve the original appearance of distressed surfaces. Discerning collectors and curators alike will appreciate the authentic finish that precise burnished enhancement can bring to their most treasured items as well as its unique ability to polish without removing metal and the very special advantages this ancient skill has to enhance their finest pieces. To this end our expertise gained in handling some of the most important items of antique silver, silver gilt and gold over more than 40 years is readily available. Whatever your requirements for the care of your fine antique plate, whether it be burnishing, cleaning and refurbishment or full–scale restoration we would be delighted to discuss the many options on offer to transform it.   


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